Tiny Epic Vikings

Gaining Control of an Island


At the start of the game, each Island contains one Island Rune. You can take this Active Rune if you have the most Influence and at least 1 Settler or Temple on the Island (see below) - this is called boots on the ground (noted by the boot icon). As soon as this happens, gain the Island’s Rune and place it near your Clan Mat. Boats docked on an Island do not count as boots on the ground.

Increasing the Island’s God Fury

Whenever you take an Island Rune (either stolen from a player or directly from the Island), immediately increase that god’s Fury by 1. In the example game from the setup, if you take control of the Island, then Frigg’s Fury increases by 1.


Each unit contributes Influence , and you need the most Influence to control an Island. The different amounts that each unit gives are listed on your Clan Mat:

• A Settler on an Island gives you 1.

• A Temple on an Island gives you 4.

• A Boat in a Fjord gives you 0, however one at a Dock gives you 2 for that Island (this is not considered boots on the ground).

Stealing an Island Rune

After completely resolving a Leader or Rune Action, if you have more Influence than the player that controls an Island AND have boots on the ground, then you immediately steal its Island Rune from that player.

For example, you deploy 3 Settlers onto an Island that Red controls. Since you now have more Settlers, they remove 1 Red Settler. With 3 Settlers and 1 docked Boat, you have a total of 5. Red only has 4 from their Temple, so you steal the Rune, which increase Frigg’s Fury by 1.

If you no longer have Influence on an Island, BUT no player is stealing the Rune, then you must return the Rune to its Island (you have lost control of it). However, you do not then increase that god’s Fury for returning the Rune.