Tiny Epic Vikings

Battling with the Enemy


The enemy can both start a battle and join one. However, there are some basic rules the enemy must always follow:

• The enemy does not pay a Steel cost for a card.

• Active Runes that can boost Strength can come from any card the enemy has played this turn. Resources that can boost Strength come from its marker’s position on its track.

• Always note if the enemy gets bonus Strength from a Resource Action’s icon if it is triggered on the Steel track (see Enemy: Resource Actions).

Enemy Wins the Battle

If the enemy wins the Battle, it gains the Favor Card and the resources on it, which could trigger Resource Actions (see Enemy: Resource Actions). The Favor Card goes to a facedown pile near the enemy’s area, where it is not revealed until final scoring at the end of the game. There is no limit to the number of Favor Cards the enemy can gain.

Enemy Loses the Battle

If the enemy loses the Battle, instead of gaining the Valhalla Boon of its card’s god, it performs the card’s Rune Action listed on its Enemy Clan Mat. That god’s Fury also still increases by 1.

Enemy Ties the Battle

If the enemy ties the Battle, it has the same outcome listed above for losing it, except the Favor Card is then returned to its original spot.