Tiny Epic Vikings

Phase 1: Solo Drafting Changes


1. You and the enemy draft Viking Cards in a different way than in a regular game:

Instead of dealing both players a hand of cards, deal cards into 3-card, facedown piles. The number of piles equaling the number of cards dealt for each era, plus one. For example in Era 1, there will be five facedown piles (4 cards + 1).

2. Take the first 3-card pile and reveal them. Select 1 card to add to your hand. Place the 2 unchosen cards into a facedown pile near the enemy’s mats. These will form a deck of the enemy’s cards for the era.

3. Continue revealing piles, choosing 1 card and placing the other 2 into the enemy’s pile until you have reached the number of cards necessary for the era. For example in Era 1, you stop after you draft 4 cards for your hand. The remaining unseen 3-card pile is then placed into the enemy’s pile without revealing. Shuffle the enemy’s cards to form a facedown deck. These cards are drawn from this era for the enemy to take actions.