Tiny Epic Vikings

Solo Player Setup


(For the setup for more than 1 player, see Setting up the Game)

Set up for a normal 2-player game, but do the following changes:

1. Select 2 of the unused Clan Mats, flip one to its normal-side, and flip the other to its Enemy Clan-side. Place them next to each other.

a. Collect all of the game units (Settlers, Boats, and Temples) of both mats’ playercolors, and double stack 2 tokens onto each unit’s slot. All of these pieces belong to the enemy (it does not matter which colors are in each stack, as long as there are 2 in each).

b. The Chieftain Marker is not needed to mark the starting player, so it is now called the "Chieftain Boat." Return the 2 extra Boats to the box.

c. Place a Resource Marker of each type onto the "0" space on each of their tracks on the Enemy Clan-side Mat. This is where the enemy tracks its resources.

Note that there are 3 Inner Islands in the center of the Map that do not touch the edge. From those Islands take the 3 Runes into your hand, shake, and then randomly drop one. The enemy starts the game by controlling this Island and gaining it as its Active Rune.

a. Place the Rune near the enemy’s Clan Mats, and then increase that god’s Fury by 1. Return the other 2 Runes to their Islands.

b. Using the central Fjord with the whaletail graphic and its 6 Docks, place the Chieftain Boat onto the leftmost Dock of that Rune’s Island.

c. Place the leftmost 2 Settlers (they are stacked and are 2 different colors) from the enemy’s Clan Mat onto this Island.

3. Unlike a normal 2-player game, do not also place 1 Temple and 2 Settlers onto each of the 3 Outer Islands. The Enemy Clan alone will be enough challenge!

4. You now can place your starting Boat into any Fjord touching the edge of the Map of your choice. You will also take the first turn in Phase 2.

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