Rising Sun

Clan Screens


Each of the Clans has its own Clan Screen that displays all of its relevant information. Keep in mind that nothing should be hidden behind the Screen during the Political Phase. During the War Phase, players’ bids are hidden behind the Screens, but nothing else.

1 - Starting Honor Rank

This indicates each Clan’s relative position on the Honor Track during the initial setup of the game.

2 - Home Province

Each Clan starts the game with a Daimyo, a Bushi, and a Stronghold in its indicated Home Province.

3 - Clan Ability

Each Clan possesses a unique ability that is in effect throughout the game.

4 - Clan Figures Reminders

This section reminds players of the particularities of the different Clan Figures.

5 - Seasonal Income

Players start each Season with only the number of Coins indicated on their Clan Screen.

6 - End of Game Bonus

This is a reminder of the bonus VPs players gain at the end of the game for collecting War Province tokens from as many different Provinces as possible.

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