Rising Sun

Battle Outcome


The Battle must be concluded before the final War Advantage may be resolved. At this point, players compare the total Force they currently have in the Province. This may have changed considerably from the situation at the start of the Battle, since some figures may have committed Seppuku, another may have been Taken Hostage, and a Clan may have Hired Ronin to bolster their forces.

The Clan with the most Force wins the Battle. They take the corresponding War Province token and place it faceup next to their Clan Screen. As always, if there’s a tie, the tied player with the highest Honor is considered to have the most Force in the Province.

All the figures in the Province belonging to the players who lost the Battle are immediately killed. However, if one of the losers is Allied with the winning player, their figures are not killed.

NOTE: If, at the end of a Battle, no players have any Force left in the Province, the player with the highest Honor wins.

NOTE: If a figure has a special ability that triggers off of winning a Battle with that figure (Oni of Souls, Piety, Kitsune), it has to still be alive and in the Battle at the end of it so its ability may take place. If it commits Seppuku, is taken hostage, killed, or removed from the Province in any other way, its ability doesn’t count.