Rising Sun

Winter Season - Endgame


The start of the Winter Season signifies the end of the game. Peace falls over the land as it gets covered in white snow, and a new Emperor will rise under the power of the great Kami.

The only Season Setup step that must be executed during Winter is Return Hostages, in case players have any Season cards that trigger off of returning a hostage.

Players then may gain extra Victory Points for the following:

Winter Upgrades – These Season cards grant extra Victory Points depending on different criteria

War Province Tokens – Each War Province token a player collected grants the number of Victory Points listed on it, depending on the Season in which it was won:

Spring = 1 Victory Point

Summer = 2 Victory Points

Autumn = 3 Victory Points

War Province Set Bonus – Players also get a Victory Point bonus according to the number of War Province tokens they accumulated of different Provinces. Having several tokens of the same Province doesn’t count towards this bonus, only tokens of different Provinces count:


3-4 -> 10 VP

5-6 -> 20 VP

7-8 -> 30 VP

Move each player’s Clan marker along the Victory Point track, adding all the extra Victory Points they manage to get. If a player goes beyond the 50 slot, move their marker back to the 1 slot and flip it upside down to remember to add 50 points to their score. Once all Victory Points are tallied, the player with the most points is declared the winner!

Tie Breaker

In case of a tie, the tied player with the highest Honor is declared the winner. In the very unlikely case that 2 Allied players are tied in first place, they share the victory.

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