Honor is a palpable element in Rising Sun. Having high Honor will give you several advantages, while having low Honor may grant you the allegiance of the darker elements of the world. But above all, Honor settles all disputes.

The Honor Track () at the top left of the board is used to keep track of each Clan’s Honor in relation to one-another. The Clan with their marker at the top of the Honor Track has the highest Honor, while the Clan at the bottom has the lowest Honor. If a Clan’s marker is above another’s, it has higher Honor than them. If a Clan’s marker is below another’s, it has lower Honor than them.

The most crucial aspect of Honor is this:

Whenever there is a tie, the tied player with the highest Honor wins.

This counts for any ties, whether it’s comparing players’ Force in a Province during a Harvest or a Battle, comparing their Force on a Shrine during a Kami Turn, or comparing their Coins on a War Advantage during a Battle. If players are tied, check the Honor of the tied players. The one higher on the Honor Track wins the dispute.

If there’s ever a conflict in the timing of the execution of an ability, the involved player with higher Honor decides whether to go first or last.