Rising Sun

Frequently Asked Questions

Does placing a figure trigger Summon effects?
When you “place” a figure, you simply take it from your Reserve and place it on the board. This does not trigger any Summon effects.
If I summon multiple figures on one instance, can I trigger multiple abilities?
No matter how many different figures you Summon onto the board in one instance (during a Recruit Mandate, for example), it is considered a single Summon for triggering abilities.
In which order do events happen during a Mandate?
All events of a Mandate are considered to happen in a single moment. During a Harvest Mandate, if you gain multiple Coins or VPs from different Provinces, it is considered a single instance of gaining those rewards for triggering abilities. Effects that take place at the end of a Mandate only occur after all players have executed that Mandate.
Can Benevolence be used when you pay War Reparations at the end of a Battle?
Benevolence only works when you spend Coins purchasing a Season card or Stronghold. It doesn’t trigger off of giving Coins in War Reparation, or having Coins charged/taken by other effects.
If a player has 2 copies of Benevolence, do they get the benefits twice for giving 1 spent Coin to another player?
They must give 2 spent Coins in order to gain the benefits twice.
Do I get Form of the Kindred card’s ability for reaching Winter with an Alliance?
Form of the Kindred card only grants points for having an Alliance in Spring, Summer, and Autumn. It doesn’t matter whether those Alliances lasted until the end of the season or not.
Does the Komainu also count as a Shinto for the purpose of Betrayal?
For all intents and purposes the Komainu counts as both a Monster and a Shinto. So it can replace Monsters or Shinto during a Betray Mandate, or likewise be replaced by them while on the Map.
If I have an Ally, and during a Harvest Mandate I gain 1VP from a Province and 2VP for another, how many extra VP does Loyalty grant me?
All those VP were gained at the same moment, so you only get 1 extra VP.
Does Loyalty grant extra VPs when earning points during Winter?
Alliances don’t count during Winter.
If I have an Ally, and during a Battle I Seppuku 2 figures (2VP, plus another 2VP from Righteousness), and then I win Imperial Poets (5 VP), how many extra VP does Loyalty grant me?
The resolution of each War Advantage is a separate event, so those were two separate instances of gaining VP. You gain 1 extra VP during Seppuku and 1 extra VP during Imperial Poets.
How often can I charge a player for using the same Shipping Route?
You may charge them once per instance when they use that Route (regardless of how many figures they move through that Route at that time). For example, once during a Marshal Mandate, then again when they use Fujin’s Kami ability, then again during another Marshal…
If a richer player plays a Harvest Mandate, gaining 1 base Coin, then 2 Coins from a Province, and 1 Coin from another Province, how many Coins does Way of the Merchant grant me?
All those Coins the richer player got were gained at the same moment, so you only get 1 Coin.