Rising Sun

Prepare for War


Take the randomized War Province tokens for the current Season (I-Spring, IISummer, III-Autumn) and place them faceup on the War Province Slots on the board. The number of War Province tokens placed on the board must be equal to the number of players plus 2. So, for example, in a 4-player game, 6 tokens will be used. This is also indicated on the War Province Slots on the board, with the top 5 slots always being filled, and the remainder only being filled if the player count matches the number written on the slot.

Then, take the War Number tokens and place each of them in the War Number Slot of the Province indicated by the War Province tokens on the board. Any unused War Number tokens are returned to the game box.


EXAMPLE: For the Spring Season of this 4-player game, 6 War Province tokens are randomly picked.

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