Rising Sun

Example: Playing a Battle


EXAMPLE: A Battle must be resolved in Nagato between TURTLE, KOI, and LOTUS. TURTLE and LOTUS are Allied, but since KOI is also there, they must all fight.

TURTLE has 4 Force there (1 from the Bushi and 3 from the Oni of Skulls, since TURTLE has the lowest Honor in the Province). They also have 4 Coins and 1 Ronin.

KOI has 2 Force there (1 from the Bushi and 1 from the Daimyo). They also have 8 Coins and 2 Ronin.

LOTUS has 1 Force there, from the Shinto. They also have 6 Coins and 3 Ronin.

Negotiation Tip

Even in the chaos of a Battle, it is possible to negotiate. Even though players can’t give each other Coins or Ronin during the War Phase, you can still make deals to better your chances. For example, allies can gang up on an enemy by agreeing to prioritize certain War Advantages and make sure they don’t compete for the same ones. If their word can be trusted, that is…

The 3 players take their Coins and secretly allocate them on their War tile. Once they’re done, the bids are revealed:


SEPPUKU – LOTUS wins Seppuku and decides to kill their own Shinto, gaining 1 VP and gaining Honor once.

TAKE HOSTAGE – TURTLE and LOTUS are tied with 3 Coins. Since LOTUS has higher Honor, they win. The player decides to take the TURTLE’s Oni of Skulls hostage (even though they’re Allied).

HIRE RONIN – LOTUS beats KOI 2 Coins to 1 and is able to hire their 3 Ronin tokens, gaining 3 Force.


BATTLE OUTCOME - TURTLE is now reduced to 1 Force, KOI still has 2 Force, and LOTUS has 3 Force thanks to their hired Ronin. LOTUS wins the Battle and takes the Nagato War Province token. Both of the KOI figures are killed. However, the TURTLE Bushi is not killed since they are Allied with the LOTUS winner.

IMPERIAL POETS – KOI’s 3 Coins wins against the TURTLE’s 1 Coin. KOI gains 1 VP for each figure that died in the Battle, so they gain 3 VP (1 for the LOTUS Shinto who committed Seppuku, and 2 for their own figures killed at the outcome).

WAR REPARATIONS – TURTLE and KOI discards all Coins they used (KOI saved 4 Coins outside their War tile to use in the next Battle against the DRAGONFLY). LOTUS then divides the Coins they used between the losers, giving 3 Coins to TURTLE and 3 to KOI.

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