Rising Sun



In Rising Sun, players are encouraged to use diplomacy, negotiation, and even bribery to further their cause.

Players can make deals at any point in the game, whether with their Ally or with an Enemy. For example:

“I’ll stay out of Kyoto this Season if you stay out of Hokkaido.”

“In this Battle, leave Hire Ronin to me and I’ll let you Take Hostage.”

Keep in mind, however, that no deals are truly binding. Players are free to break their promises at any point, though the consequence is that the other players most likely won’t want to make any further deals with them. Deals can be made in secret, without other players overhearing them.

Bribery, or “tokens of friendship”, can only be done during the Tea Ceremony and the Political Phase, not during the War Phase. Players are free to give Coins and Ronin tokens from their Reserve to other players, in order to try to convince them to do something. For example:

“I’ll give you 2 Coins to Ally with me this Season.”

“If you play Harvest now, I’ll give you half of the Ronin I get from my Harvest Rewards.”

Again, keep in mind that these deals are not binding.