Rising Sun

Season Cards


Season cards are divided into 3 Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Autumn, bringing varied abilities to the Clans who acquire them.

Core Season cards have no special symbol on the back, indicating that they must be present in every game.

Season card Sets each show a special symbol on the back to identify them. Each game, players will choose (or randomly select) one Set of Season cards to add to the Core cards.

1 - Coin Cost

This indicates how many Coins the player must spend to acquire this card.

2 - Ability

Each Season card gives the player a different ability, indicated here.

3 - Type

This indicates what type of card this is.

The types of card are:

Enhancement (green)

These cards are abilities that enhance your Clan, giving special abilities to your figures or your actions.

Virtue (blue)

These cards allow you to gain extra Victory Points or other benefits triggered by specific conditions.

Monster (brown)

These cards give your Clan a Monster figure with a unique ability.

War Upgrade (red)

These cards grant you special benefits that trigger at the start of each War Phase.

Winter Upgrade (light blue)

These cards offer bonus Victory Points, triggered by specific conditions at the end of the game.