Rising Sun



The Marshal Mandate allows players to Move their figures around the Map, according to their strategies. It may also allow players to build new Strongholds in order to establish their footholds. If you play Marshal you get decide where to move your figures after your opponents.


The player may Move each of the figures they have on the Map to an adjacent Province. This means either crossing a Border or taking a Shipping Route to Move to an adjacent Province. The player may choose to Move any number of their figures and may even choose not to Move any of them, if they so desire. But keep in mind that each figure can only be Moved once during each Marshal Mandate.

Negotiation Tip

It’s an advantage to win a battle you don’t even have to fight. When moving your figures around, try to make deals with other players so there might be a chance you’ll be unopposed in a Province you want by the time War comes.


The player may choose to spend 3 Coins to build a new Stronghold anywhere on the Map. If they decide to do so, they discard 3 Coins to the common pile, take 1 Stronghold token from their Reserve, and place it in any Province they want. It doesn’t have to be adjacent to a Province where they already have a Stronghold, and there is no limit to the number of Strongholds that each Province can have. If the player has placed all 4 of their Strongholds, they cannot build any more Strongholds.


EXAMPLE: The DRAGONFLY player plays Marshal, so they will perform it last. Going around the table, the KOI player gets to execute their Marshal actions. They Move a Bushi from Kansai to Nagato, crossing a Border. They also move their Oni of Blood and Daimyo to Hokkaido, using Shipping Routes. They decide not to Move the Bushi in Edo and wouldn’t be allowed to Move the Shinto which is in the Raijin Shrine (figures on the Shrines can never be Moved). Finally, since they are Allied with the DRAGONFLY Clan, who chose the Mandate, they get to perform the Marshal Bonus, spending 3 Coins to build a new Stronghold in Shikoku.