Rising Sun



The Harvest Mandate allows players to gain some Coins and maybe reap the rewards offered by the Provinces they control.


The player gains 1 Coin, taking it from the common pile.


The player collects the Rewards listed for every Province where they currently have the most Force. Check each Province, one by one, adding together the Force provided by each Clan’s figures. The player only gets the Rewards of the Provinces where their figures have more Force than any other Clans in that Province. As always, if there’s a tie, the tied player with the highest Honor is considered to have the most Force in the Province.

Negotiation Tip

With Harvest, timing is everything. If you are in a situation where you’ll reap a very bountiful Harvest, it might be worth it to promise some of the upcoming Coin and Ronin rewards to your Ally if they will play a Harvest

right away.

The Rewards each Province may offer are:

Victory Point – Move your Clan marker up 1 slot on the Victory Point Track at the bottom of the board.

Coin – Take 1 Coin from the common pile.

Ronin – Take 1 Ronin token from the common pile.


EXAMPLE: The DRAGONFLY player plays Harvest and automatically gains a Coin. They then perform the Mandate Bonus, checking all Provinces where they have any presence to see where they have the most Force:

Nagato – They are the only Clan with Force there, so they get a Victory Point, a Coin, and a Ronin token.

Kansai – They have 2 Force there, while LOTUS and TURTLE only have 1 Force each. DRAGONFLY gets 3 VP.

Kyoto – They have 2 Force while TURTLE also has 2 Force there. Since DRAGONFLY currently has higher Honor than TURTLE, they get another 4 VP.

Edo - Both DRAGONFLY and KOI have 1 Force there. Since KOI has higher Honor, DRAGONFLY gets no Harvest Reward for Edo.

Oshu – KOI has 2 Force there, while DRAGONFLY has only 1, so they get no Reward.