The Train Mandate allows players to acquire new Season cards for their Clan, upgrading it with all manner of new abilities and even adding Monsters to their ranks.

IMPORTANT: Unlike other Mandates, the player who selects the Train Mandate performs it FIRST, having first pick of the available cards.


The player may acquire 1 of the Season cards currently displayed next to the board by paying its Coin cost. The player chooses the Season card they want and discards the number of Coins listed on the card to the common pile (some cards are free). The player places the newlyacquired Season card face up next to their Clan screen, so all players can see it. The card’s ability is considered to be in effect as soon as it is acquired.

IMPORTANT: A player may acquire more than 1 copy of the same Season card over subsequent Trainings. In these cases, their abilities stack together.


If the player acquires a Season card, they pay 1 less Coin than its listed cost (to a minimum of 0). The player can still only acquire a single Season card per Recruit Mandate.


EXAMPLE: The TURTLE player plays Train and is the first to choose one of the current Season cards to acquire. They choose the Oni of Skulls Monster card, which costs 2 Coins. Since they played the Mandate, the Train Bonus gives them a 1 Coin discount. They discard 1 Coin from their reserve and place the chosen card next to their Clan Screen.

Negotiation Tip

If you see an opponent’s low on Coins and there’s a card they want from the Train Mandate, offering to help cover the cost of the card can be a very strong bargaining tool.

Acquiring Monsters

When a player acquires a Monster Season card, they not only place the card next to them, but they also take the corresponding Monster figure, attach a counter base of their Clan color to it, and immediately Summon it to any Province where they have a Stronghold.

The Monster now counts as one of that Clan’s figures, just like its Daimyo, Shinto, and Bushi, and has 1 Force, unless otherwise stated. If it’s killed, it returns to their reserve and may be Summoned again to the Map just like a normal Clan figure. There is no limit to the number of Monsters a Clan may have.


The TURTLE player then attaches a counter base of their color to the Monster figure and immediately Summons it to a Province where they have a Stronghold.