Rising Sun

Take Hostage


Taking a hostage may be enough to change the course of a battle and avoid further bloodshed.

The player who wins Take Hostage may choose to capture 1 figure in the Province belonging to another player (even from their Ally). The chosen figure is removed from the Province and placed next to the Clan Screen of the player who is Taking a Hostage. It will only be returned to its owner during the setup of the next Season. Note that the figure has not been killed, merely captured.

If the player Takes a Hostage, they also steal 1 Victory Point from the Clan that the captured figure belongs to. Move that Clan’s marker back 1 slot on the Victory Point Track, and move forward 1 slot the marker of the Clan who Took the Hostage. Note that if the targeted Clan doesn’t have any Victory Points, the player doesn’t get any Victory Points.

IMPORTANT: Daimyo are immune to the Take Hostage effect and cannot be targeted by this War Advantage.