Rising Sun



Each Clan possesses 10 figures: 1 Daimyo, 3 Shinto, and 6 Bushi. These are kept in Reserve next to your Clan Screen while not in use and are returned there if they’re killed.

To more easily distinguish among the different Clan Figures, attach a black counter base to all Daimyo and white counter bases to all Shinto.

All figures in the game have 1 Force, unless otherwise stated in a specific Season card acquired.



These are your foot soldiers. They do not possess any special ability. While each Clan has two different sculpts for their Bushi, they all work exactly the same.



These spiritual warriors are able to battle like any Bushi, but they possess a special ability: when Recruited, you may choose to send them to worship a Kami instead of staying on the Map.



This is the leader of your forces and your most reliable figure. It cannot be taken Hostage by other players and cannot be removed from the Map by a Betray action. It is also immune to other special effects, such as a Monster’s ability to automatically kill a figure.

NOTE: Daimyo figures (and those that count as Daimyo) are immune to any special effects that target a specific figure (Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Benten), but not immune to general effects that target a player (Oni of Plagues, Susanoo, Raijin, Path of the Serpent, etc.).



These legendary creatures can be added to your Clan with a Train action. When acquired, attach one of your Clan’s color bases to it. The Monster is immediately Summoned to one of your Strongholds and is part of your Clan for the rest of the game. If it is killed, it goes to your Reserve. There is no limit to the number of Monsters a Clan may have (even if the Clan runs out color bases for them). Each Monster has a special ability described on its Season card (their Force is still 1, unless otherwise stated).

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