Tile Types


Your hive mat has a number of hexes where you may build tiles (always adjacent to at least 1 other tile). Some hexes include a build bonus that you gain if you build a tile there.

Here are the types of tiles that are placed in hives:

FACTION TILE: Your faction tile is composed of 3 hexes. It does not count as a farm, recruit, development, or carving for the purposes of scoring carvings, seed cards, or other abilities, unless specifically stated otherwise.

RECRUIT: Recruits provide ongoing abilities. Some abilities trigger whenever you perform a specific action; these have a () and the name of the action on them. Others trigger whenever specific situations arise, as noted on each tile. All recruits cost pollen.

DEVELOPMENT: Developments provide one-time benefits for you to gain when you build the tile. All developments cost wax.

CARVING: Carvings provide endgame scoring bonuses. All carvings cost honey.

FARM: Farms provide additional storage spots for resource tokens. Each farm also has an income benefit that can be gained once per retrieve turn (1 farm’s income benefit per retrieved worker). All farms cost fiber and/ or water.

A = Income

B = Storage

C = Endgame victory Points

D = Cost