Mellifera seek ways to preserve their legacy and thrive well into the future by increasing in number and in size. The larger and better stocked their hive—and the more workers they have—the better their chances of making it through the next Dearth.

CORE ACTION: Gain a combination of benefits depending on your worker’s strength and the number of resources you spend. You may choose either or both options below (repeats are allowed):

GAIN A STRENGTH-1 WORKER (up to a maximum of three workers gained, if available) and add it to your active pool. Each worker costs 1 pollen and requires 1 strength of the worker you placed.

GAIN A FRAME and add it to your hive. Each frame costs any 2 basic resources (pollen, fiber, and/or water) and requires 2 strength of the worker you placed. The frame can be in any orientation but must be placed face up with at least 1 of its hexes adjacent to a hex in your hive mat or another frame and not overlapping any other tile or hex. Each frame is identical and offers the following:

● Four additional hexes where you can build tiles, two of which allow you to gain a seed card when you build there. You may only build a tile on your frame if it is adjacent to another tile in your hive (including your faction tile).

● The first 2 frames you place unlock 1 location on your hive mat to potentially plant 1 seed card via the Research action , increasing endgame scoring as indicated on that card.

ENDGAME: If you complete the frame (by building 4 tiles on it) by the end of the game, you gain 8 Victory Points.

STRENGTH-4 WORKER BENEFIT: If you placed a strength-4 worker on the Grow action this turn, you may upgrade your faction tile in addition to gaining workers and/or frame.

To upgrade, flip the faction tile over to show the side that says “upgraded”, return it to its starting location, and transfer any resource tokens to the new side of the faction tile. You can now access the faction ability printed on side 2 of the tile.

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