Bumped Workers and Hibernation


BUMPED WORKERS: When an Automa worker is bumped, if it is strength-4 it must immediately hibernate. Otherwise, increase the worker’s strength by +1 and return it to Automa’s docking mat. There is no landing area on Automa’s docking mat. All workers on the mat are active.

HIBERNATION: Any time an Automa worker hibernates (e.g., via being bumped or retrieved), it is immediately replaced by a new worker, gained with a strength based upon the difficulty level (the value is shown on the Gained Worker Strength token). Place this new worker on Automa’s docking mat.

Then, Automa will choose the Hibernation Comb sector that, by placing her token there, increases the victory points she will score from area majority, more. She ignores any impact it might have on what you will score. If it is a tie, she chooses the 5-pod sector.

In the chosen sector, place one of Automa’s hibernation tokens on the first vacant pod, using English reading order. For the 5-pod sector, this means left to right. For the 3-pod sector, this means () first, then () , and then the 2 victory point pod. Automa does not gain the benefit printed on the board and does not refresh a tile row, where applicable.