There are five resources in the game: Fiber (), pollen (), and water () are basic resources, whereas wax () and honey () are more valuable resources. Unless otherwise mentioned, you always gain resources from the general supply, and you always pay and discard resources back to the general supply.

Resource placement example with a new Pollen Token.

Some resource icons show multiple resource types (, ). When paying or gaining resources, for each resource icon, choose one resource token matching any listed resource type (i.e., do not gain multiple resource tokens for a single icon).

Your hive’s resource storage capacity is limited; you can increase it by building farms. Gained resources are stored at end of turn on specific resource spots in your hive (1 token per spot).

You can rearrange resources within your hive during your turn. At the end of your turn, you must discard any resources that do not fit in your hive. For each resource discarded, you may gain 1 Queen’s Favor.

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