Mellifera consistently enhance their hives by adding farms (; storage and income), recruits (; ongoing abilities), and developments (; powerful one-time benefits).

CORE ACTION: Gain and build 1 tile. While Advance is a single action for 1–3 player games, it is treated as two separate actions at 4-5 players (one action to gain farms and another to gain recruits and developments). Proceed with the following steps in order:

1. SUM THE TOTAL STRENGTH OF BOTH WORKERS on the Advance action, adding 1 if the bottommost action space is unoccupied. This total determines which tiles are available for purchase.

STRENGTH 2+ : AVAILABLE TILES only the leftmost column

STRENGTH 3+ : AVAILABLE TILES the leftmost and middle columns


In 4–5 player games, each pair of action spaces is its own action (for strength total). For example, if all four action spaces each have a strength-1 worker, the total strength of each action is 2 (not 4), and only the leftmost tiles are available.

2. PAY THE RESOURCE COST on the bottom of the desired tile.

3. BUILD THE TILE by placing it on an empty hex on your hive adjacent to any existing tile (including your faction tile). Once you have built a tile, you cannot move it. If you build the tile on a hex with an icon, gain that benefit.

4. GAIN THE TILE’S BENEFIT if it is a development tile (farm and recruit tile abilities are gained later). Do not gain the printed victory point value of the tile until game end.

5. SLIDE ALL REMAINING TILES OF THAT TYPE to the left to fill the gap (if any) and ensure the rightmost spot is open, then refill the rightmost spot with a tile (turned face up) from the top of the corresponding stack. Do this at the end of your turn unless specifically stated otherwise.

STRENGTH-4 WORKER BENEFIT: If you placed a strength-4 worker on the Advance action this turn, gain 3 Victory Points in addition to gaining a tile.