Mellifera research the genetic codes of plants from around the galaxy to use for sustenance and to fuel innovation.

CORE ACTION: Draw a number of seed cards equal to your worker’s strength, select 1 of them to add to your hand, and place the rest face up in the discard pile.

Seed cards in your hand may be kept private or public. Before or after your action on any of your turns (including the turn on which you gained the card), you may play any number of seed cards face up to the discard pile to do your choice of the following:

● Gain each played card’s one-time benefit (at the top of the card); or

● Gain any 1 basic resource (pollen , fiber , or water ) per card played.

STRENGTH-4 WORKER BENEFIT: If you placed a strength-4 worker on the Research action this turn, after you draw 4 seed cards and select 1, you may plant 1 seed card from your hand (tuck it under your hive mat until only the endgame score is visible) Planting forfeits the instant benefit but adds an endgame scoring opportunity.

A few other notes about planted seed cards are as follows:

● Your hive starts with a limit of 2 planted seed cards, but the first two frames you gain each increase that limit by 1. The maximum number of planted seed cards you can have is 4.

● You cannot return planted seed cards to your hand, cover them with another seed card, or discard them unless an ability specifically states otherwise. However, their exact position does not matter; slide them around under your hive mat as needed to ensure they are not covered by other components.

● All endgame scoring bonuses noted on seed cards count only your resources or the items in your hive. For example, if you have 3 honey tokens in your hive and a planted seed card that provides “ 2 Victory Points per honey,” you gain 6 Victory Points.

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