Mellifera live in harmony with nature. Using their shared QueenShip, they explore and improve the galaxy planet by planet. Players seed planets with life, and the planets become stronger and more productive over the course of the game.

CORE ACTION: Proceed with the following steps in order:

1. SUM THE TOTAL STRENGTH OF ALL WORKERS on the Explore action. Move the QueenShip orthogonally up to 1 space per worker strength. The QueenShip must end on a different planet from where it started.

2. IF THERE IS AN EXPLORE TOKEN ON THE DESTINATION PLANET (i.e., it has not yet been explored): a. Gain the explore token and its benefit. b. Place the planet tile from the top of the stack face up onto the newly explored planet (i.e., underneath the QueenShip).

3. PLACE 1 BASIC RESOURCE TOKEN (pollen, fiber, or water) of your choice from the general supply onto 1 empty dotted outline on the planet, if any. Do this whether or not the planet is newly explored.

4. GAIN RESOURCES from the general supply as depicted on the planet. This includes resource icons printed on the planet and resource tokens on the planet. Do this whether or not the planet is newly explored

STRENGTH-4 WORKER BENEFIT: If you placed a strength-4 worker on the Explore action this turn and the QueenShip’s destination is a planet with a strength-4 benefit, you may gain that benefit in addition to the resources that planet produces (gain these benefits in any order).