2. Take an Action


Automa will always take exactly 1 action per turn, determined by the action side of the drawn Automa card.

Note: Actions are UNDERSCORED AND CAPITALIZED and are described in Automa Actions. Each card has 3 rows that specify potential actions. The first 2 rows (Retrieve and Carve) are conditional, based on the workers that Automa has on her docking mat.

For each row, from top to bottom, check the condition. If the condition is met, she performs that action and then her turn ends. Otherwise, continue to the next row.

The last row has no condition; therefore, if none of the conditions were met in the first 2 rows, she will always take the action in the last row.

A: Row 1: Retrieve

B: Row 2: Carve

C: Row 3: Other action

D: Row 4: Reminder of how the other action works

E: Row 1: Card number