Honeybees communicate through “waggle dances” in which returning foragers communicate the distance and location of food sources to other workers. Mellifera have adapted and expanded these “dances” into an important part of Melliferan culture and education.

CORE ACTION: Pay resources from your hive to gain resources from the general supply. Do this a number of times up to your worker’s strength. You may choose any number of the options below (repeats are allowed):

● Discard 1 seed card from your hand (do not gain any of its benefits) to draw 1 seed card.

● Pay 1 basic resource (pollen, fiber, or water) to gain 1 basic resource.

● Pay 1 pollen and 1 fiber to gain 1 wax.

● Pay 2 pollen and 1 water to gain 1 honey.

● Use any dance that was already taught (see below).

STRENGTH-4 WORKER BENEFIT: If you placed a strength-4 worker on the Convert action and have not yet taught a dance this game, you may teach a dance to create a new conversion option that becomes available to all players on their turn. To teach a dance, follow these steps before gaining the core action benefits:

1. CHOOSE A DANCE THAT HAS NOT BEEN TAUGHT and place your third player token on the of that dance’s rectangular tile to indicate that you are the teacher of that dance. Every time an opponent uses a dance, its teacher gains 1 Queen’s Favor. Example: Your opponent places a strength-3 worker on the Convert action and uses the dance you taught 3 times. As a result, you gain 3 Queen’s Favor.

2. SELECT THE REQUIRED NUMBER OF DANCE TOKENS by looking through the stack (1 or 2, depending on dance tile) to fill all its open spots.

3. PLACE THE TOKEN(S) in their respective spot(s) on the dance tile. Once taught, dances cannot be modified.

4. THE DANCE IS IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE for use as you continue resolving the core Convert action.

A = Dance Teacher