Automa Explore Example


EXAMPLE 1: Automa can move the QueenShip up to 4 spaces to find an explore token. The S-curve indicates it should move right, then down 1 row, then left, etc.

Moving to the right, it reaches the end of the row (1). Therefore, it moves down one row and, ignoring the QueenShip starting location space, it then moves left (2). As this planet is already explored, it continues and discovers an unexplored planet (3)

EXAMPLE 2: : The S-curve indicates that the QueenShip should move left, then up 1 row, then right, etc.

After moving one space to the left (1), the QueenShip reaches the end of the row and cannot move up. Since it can go no further along the S-curve path, it will reverse course and move right, then down 1 row, then left. Skipping the spot that it began on, the QueenShip moves right to an explored planet (2). Reaching the end of the row, it moves down to find an unexplored planet and explores there (3). If that planet had already been explored, the QueenShip would have moved once more to the left and explore there (4).