In Apiary, you will place workers to explore planets to gather resources, convert those resources as necessary to afford new tiles and to expand your ship, and build towards victory points from carvings, planted seed cards, and your faction mat.

On your turn, you must choose to either place or retrieve workers (). Your workers will increase in strength during the game, improving benefits earned when placing them and eventually graduating to the hibernation comb for a well-earned slumber.

PLACE: Choose 1 active worker from your docking mat and place it onto an action space (ICON) on the board to perform that action. You cannot do this if you have no active workers on your docking mat

RETRIEVE: Retrieve all workers from the board and your landing area and collect income. You may only take a retrieve turn if you have at least 1 worker on the board and/or your landing area.


EMPTY HIVE RULE: If, and only if, you begin your turn without any active workers (i.e., you do not have any workers on the board or on your docking mat), add one strength-1 worker to your active pool. Then immediately proceed to take a place turn.

SEED CARDS: Immediately before and/or immediately after you place or retrieve workers, you may play any number of seed cards from your hand.

END OF TURN: If you have any resource tokens that do not fit on resource spots in your hive, you must discard them. Gain 1 Queen’s Favor for each discarded token. Then the next player clockwise takes their turn