Automa doesn’t follow the rules!


Playing against Automa, you follow the same rules as you would in a multiplayer game. Automa plays by a simplified ruleset.

These rules explain how Automa overrides the multiplayer rules. Other than those overrides, the game plays like a normal 2-player game.

● Automa never gains resources and never needs to pay resource costs.

● Automa uses workers of 2 different colors (yellow and gray). The different colors only matter when determining which workers get placed and retrieved.

● When Automa’s workers are bumped, if they’re not strength-4, they always return to her active pool.

● Automa’s workers never return to the general supply. When one of her workers hibernates, she immediately gains a new one.

● Automa only gains victory points as described in this rulebook.

● Automa will generally gain more victory points than you will during the game. However, the more she gains during the game, the less she gains at the end