Worker Placement


You may choose to take a place turn as long as you have at least one worker in your active pool.

When you take a place turn, choose a worker from the active pool on your docking mat and place it on an action space () on the board. Use the leftmost or topmost space if there are two. Take the following rules into account:

● Many actions care about the strength of the chosen worker (the face-up number shown on that worker).

● You must use all or part of the selected action (i.e., you may not place a worker and do nothing with it). Some actions state a cost to obtain an item; to place a worker there, you must be able to pay the cost for at least 1 associated item.

● Action spaces are never blocked. If there is a worker on the action space you choose, bump it back to its owner. Workers can be bumped by any player (including their own).

● The Explore and Advance actions have more than one action space; workers placed on those actions must be placed on an action space with an arrow (). If there was a worker already in that space, shift that existing worker one space to the right or down to make room. If there was also a worker on the rightmost or bottommost action space, bump that rightmost or bottommost worker back to its owner.

In the rare case of having no workers at all, you gain one strength-1 worker for free and proceed with your turn.

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