Player Components


A. 1 DOCKING MAT: Choose a player color and gain the matching docking mat.

B. 1 HIVE MAT: Gain 1 hive mat at random; leave some space around it.

C. 1 FACTION TILE (FROM A CHOICE OF 2): Gain 2 faction tiles at random; choose 1 and return the other to the box. Place your faction tile, with the non-upgraded side face up, on the designated hexes on your hive mat.

If this is your first game, instead of dealing 2 and choosing 1, use a starter faction (denoted by a green star ): Ana, Cypri, Lama, Pomon, or Sini.

D. 3 PLAYER TOKENS: Gain 3 player tokens in your player color. Randomly determine the first player, who places a player token on the 1 space of the Score Track on the board. The next player clockwise places a token on 2 , then 3 and so on. Then, each player places their second player token at the beginning (0) of the Queen’s Favor track and their third player token on their docking mat.

E. 7 HIBERNATION TOKENS: Place these tokens on the designated spot on your docking mat.

F. WORKERS: Note the starting workers listed on your faction tile. Place that number of workers in the active pool on your docking mat and set their strengths to match the listed values. Place your remaining worker(s) next to the board near the Grow action.

G. RESOURCES: On your faction tile, for each resource spot with a green circle, place a resource token matching the highlighted resource on that spot.

H. RESERVE: Some benefits in the game provide tiles that you save for later instead of placing immediately. Only the Visah faction starts the game with tiles in their reserve.