Recruits A-D


AGRICULTURALIST: Whenever you retrieve, you may collect one additional income. You may not collect twice from the same . Note that tiles and cards that use the word “retrieve” trigger this ability, whereas those that specify only “collect income” do not.

AGRONOMIST: Whenever you place a in a space adjacent to the Agronomist, gain 1 .

APPRENTICE: You may perform the Carve action with either a strength-3 or a strength-4 worker.

AQUACULTURALIST: You no longer need to spend when you acquire a through the Advance action.

ARCHITECT: Whenever you gain a , you may pay 1 to plant a from your hand into any empty slot under your hive mat and/or .

ARTISAN: Whenever you acquire a through the Carve action, pay 1 less than the printed cost.

ASTROCHEMIST: Whenever you perform the Grow action, your worker counts as if it were a strength-4 (and you may upgrade your faction). You must still pay resources as normal to perform Grow actions.

BIOCHEMIST: Once per turn, convert any 1 into another (e.g., to , etc.).

BOTANIST: Whenever you place a tile adjacent to the Botanist tile, gain 1 .

CARETAKER: Whenever one of your workers hibernates, gain 2 .

CARTOGRAPHER: Whenever you perform the Explore action, gain 1 additional of your choice (regardless of whether the explored planet provides the type of resource you chose).

CHEMIST: Producing and costs 1 less when you perform the Convert action. (This ability applies both to the base conversions and any applicable Dances.)

DEPUTY: When you perform an Advance action (to acquire a , , or ), you may purchase from any column regardless of the total worker strength on the space. Note that you do not gain the extra 3 associated with placing a strength-4 worker unless you actually play a strength-4 worker. Pay tile costs as usual.

DIPLOMAT: Whenever you acquire a through the Advance action, pay 1 less than the printed cost.