For the color indicated on the support card, take the highest strength worker from Automa’s docking mat and place it on the left Explore action space. As with you, the maximum number of spaces she can move the QueenShip is the combined strength of the workers on the action.

QUEENSHIP MOVEMENT: Using the S-curve icon on the support card, move the QueenShip along the path indicated, until it reaches a planet that has not yet been explored or until it has moved the maximum number of spaces.

If the path takes the QueenShip to the planet that the QueenShip began this turn on or to the QueenShip starting location space, continue moving through it and do not count it towards the number of spaces moved

EXPLORE THE PLANET: As with you, if the planet has not yet been explored, Automa collects the () from the planet. Place it on her docking mat (she does not gain the benefit from the token). Then, take the top planet tile off the stack, flip it over, and place it on the current spot.

PLACE A RESOURCE: If the planet has an empty resource space (dotted outline), place the resource type indicated on the support card onto the planet. She does not gain any resources.

If the placed worker is strength-4, she will continue moving in the same direction, as she explores a second time.

Designer’s Note: The only benefit Automa gains from this action is taking an explore token. However, she performs the Explore action even if there are no more unexplored planets.

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