Tiny Epic Dungeons

Skill Checks


Anytime a Skill icon is pointing to a number, a Skill Check must be performed to attempt that action. To succeed, your result must meet or exceed the number shown on the check.

For example, to successfully Search this room on the right, it requires a Intellect Check of 5. The green check () shows what the outcome will be if you are successful, while the red X () shows what will happen if you fail. There is no fail effect if there is no listed.

If you succeed in the Skill Check and the success result has a cost (such as Focus for a spell), you must pay the cost and then gain the benefit. If you are not able to pay the cost, the effort fails and the possible fail result takes effect instead. If no fail result is listed, then the effort fails with no effect (other than you might've for example exhausted your Heroic Action in the failed attempt).

Failing to pay the cost of a success result might happen for example after you had to spend Focus to tweak the Die results to get a successful Skill Check, but can no longer afford the cost. Or, maybe you didn't initially have enough Focus to go through with the action, but decided to gamble hoping that the Skill Check would earn more Focus from unused dice.

The Skill required for the check determines how many Hero Dice you roll (as listed on your Hero Mat). You can never roll more than 3 Hero Dice (even if abilities grant more) and always roll at least one die, if negative effects cause your Skill amount to be zero or a negative number.

After rolling, select a single die to use as the result for determining success or failure. The Hero Dice have faces numbered 1-6, with 1 and 2 having a ‘plus’ (). These two lowest die results may be used to modify the result die, increasing the check’s final result. A ‘ die’ may also be used as the result die, with its basic value of 1 or 2.

Faces ‘1-4’ also have icons below their numbers. After rolling a successful Skill Check, any unused dice for the check’s result may be used to increase your Focus. Each symbol shown on the dice not used will increase Focus by 1 on your track.

Focus from unused dice can only be added to your total and used after you have completed a successful Skill Check.

In this Skill Check example, you roll a 4, a 3, and a +1. You use the ‘4’ as your result die, and the +1 makes your result 5, which means the check succeeds. Therefore you may discover a Spell Card and gain 2 as a reward. Because the check was successful, after resolving the roll you may also gain 1 from the unused 3 die.

Face ‘6’ on a Hero Die, has a icon rather than a icon. After resolving a check, gain 1 Health for each unused 6 die.