The Goblin’s Coast is under siege by an evil that lurks in the nearby hills. A heroes' call is sent out for a party of adventurers to cleanse the region of corruption. Delve deep into the dungeon to clear the catacombs of vile minions, evade magical traps, and defeat the evil's source. But time is of the essence! Your heroes must move quickly through the ever-dimming corridors and complete their quest before the darkness consumes them... and envelops the world completely!

Tiny Epic Dungeons is a cooperative game split into two acts. In both acts, your heroes struggle against the waning torchlight as it decreases each turn. When the torch goes out, the heroes are forever lost in the darkness. In Act 1, explore the dungeon, fight enemies, and evade traps in your quest to find the boss’s lair. In Act 2, engage in an epic battle against the boss. Can you brave the dungeon and overcome the boss’s fury?