Tiny Epic Dungeons

Enter the Boss's Lair


Once the Lair Door Card is revealed and all Minions have been defeated (1 per hero in the game) then the door is unlocked and the heroes can enter and fight the Boss.

When any hero performs the ‘Enter the Boss’s Lair’ Free Action at the Lair Door Card:

1. Immediately flip the Boss Mat to its Act 2 side, revealing the secret Boss. Stack all Health Markers (one from each Minion) on the ‘8’ space of the track (this represents a Boss’s great Health).

2. Place the Boss Token on the Boss Mat (this shows its current location is in the Lair).

3. Flip the Torch Mat to its Act 2 side, placing the torch at the highest space at the top of the track based on the number of heroes. This is the side that is used for the rest of the game. Make sure that any Goblin Cards and tokens on the mat are aligned with their previous side’s positions.

4. Place an Altar Marker on the symbol of each Minion Encounter Card in the dungeon.

The heroes are now engaged in The Final Battle.