Tiny Epic Dungeons

Damage and Kill Enemies


If an enemy is reduced to zero Health, it is killed and cannot perform a Counter- Attack (so ignore the Enemy Die result):

A Goblin has only 1 Health, so if it is dealt 1 or more damage it is killed.

(A) Return its token to its number on the Torch Mat and discard its card to the Goblin Discard Pile.

(B) For killing it, you may gain the reward listed on the Goblin Card: taking loot is always optional, but the reward may offer a spell, or Health/Focus, or some other benefit. If there is a ‘/’ between two icons, you choose which to take (‘or’). If there is a ‘+’ you may take both (‘and’).

For instance, this Goblin’s reward is 1 loot or 1 spell.

A Minion tracks its Health on its card. Damaging it moves its Health Marker down; taking it to zero or below kills it.

(A) Remove its token and Minion Card, returning both to the game box.

(B) Place its Health Marker on the Boss Mat, onto one of the ‘hearts’ in the section matching the hero count. The party is one step closer to opening the door.

(C) As a reward (listed on the Torch Mat), you may take 1 loot or 1 spell twice, and (D) you also move the torch up on the Torch Mat six spaces, but not past its original starting space.

A Boss has special rules for how it takes damage and how its multiple markers move down its Health track.