Attack Heroic Actions are found on your hero’s loot, spells, and equipment and can be used to perform attack actions against enemies. There are three types of attacks:

Melee Attacks must target an enemy in the same room ().

Missile Attacks must target an enemy that is in another room (not in the same room) in line-of-sight () of the hero, within its listed range.

Spell Attacks target an enemy (or enemies) within the listed range of the spell. Spell Damage also ignores the enemy’s Defense, dealing direct damage.

When performing any Attack where the target is in line-of-sight (can see you through a corridor) or is in the same room as you, you must also roll the Enemy Die in addition to your Skill Check roll, in case the enemy is able to Counter-Attack.

Melee and Missile attacks require Skill Checks against the enemy’s Defense (). The weapon you use determines which Skill is needed. Typically, Strength is used for Melee and Agility for Missile, but some weapons test different Skills.

In this example, you use a Hammer to perform a Melee Attack with a Strength Check, which in this case grants 3 dice (plus the Enemy Die).

To deal damage to an enemy, the check’s result must be higher than the enemy’s , which can be found on its card. Also note that some Minions have bonus Defense against certain types of attacks.

For instance, the Minotaur has 4 , with +2 against Melee Attacks, totaling 6 .

If successful (higher than ): Deal damage to the enemy equal to the difference between the result’s total (with all modifiers) and the enemy’s Defense.

For instance, your Skill Check result is 8 and the Minotaur’s Defense is 6: 8 minus 6 equals 2 total damage to the Minotaur.

When dealing damage, check to see if this kills the enemy.

If failed (lower than or meets ): No damage is dealt to the enemy.

In either case, if the enemy is still alive and in the same room or in line-of-sight of you, it now Counter-Attacks.