Tiny Epic Dungeons

Trigger Enemy Actions


Trigger Enemy Actions: All enemies in the dungeon perform the actions listed on their cards in order, attacking ALL heroes within range (unconscious heroes are unaffected).

Note: Heroes’ Defense or abilities do not block damage.

1.) Goblins (in order from 1 to 4): Resolve the actions listed on the bottom of each Goblin Card. Note if the Goblin moves or attacks or if the Goblin moves and attacks (see below).

This Goblin moves or attacks, and since it is currently in a Hero’s room it deals (total Goblins +1) damage. Since there are 2 Goblins in the dungeon, it deals 3 damage (2+1).

2.) Minions (in order from left to right)/The Boss: Resolve the actions listed on the bottoms of the Minion Cards (in Act 1), or the Boss performs its action (in Act 2). Minions/Bosses move and attack (see below).

This Minotaur moves into the room of the closest hero. It then deals 3 damage to each hero in the room.

Move or Attack: First check if there are heroes within range for each Goblin to attack. If so, the Goblin will immediately attack and will not move. If not, the Goblin will immediately move (see below) and will not attack.

Move and Attack: First check if the nearest conscious hero to the enemy is in its room. If so, the enemy will immediately attack and will not move. If not, the enemy will move (see below) and then attack.

Enemy Movement: When enemies move, they target the closest conscious hero, and then move their Speed () following the shortest pathway. If multiple heroes can be targeted, the active player chooses which hero is targeted. If there are no conscious heroes, enemies do not move. Enemies move through rooms up to their Speed, stopping in the first room with a conscious hero.

For example, the Minotaur moves up to 5 rooms to attack. It is unaffected by Traps and other enemies, but it cannot walk through walls. If there are multiple shortest pathways the enemy can take to reach a target, the active player chooses which.