Tiny Epic Dungeons

Hero Attributes


Health tracks the damage a hero suffers in the dungeon. If you go below 1 Health (), then your Health Marker is placed on the zero space on the track and your hero falls unconscious.

Focus is used to perform special actions with your hero, loot, or rooms in the dungeon, or to adjust a die roll. If you go below 1 Focus (), then your Focus Marker is placed on the zero space on the track. There is no negative effect, but it limits your abilities until you get more.

Speed is the maximum number of dungeon rooms you may move into on your turn.

Defense is the amount of damage you can negate from an enemy Counter-Attack.

Strength, Agility, and Intellect are Skills used for Skill Checks. Your proficiency with each is indicated by the number of cubes shown next to it, representing how many dice you roll for a check. You may never have more than 3 dice for any Skill, or less than 1 (loot and spells cannot provide a 4th die to any check).