Tiny Epic Dungeons

Moving in Rooms with Enemies


Entering a Room with Enemies: When moving into a room with an enemy, you cannot move any farther this turn. Heroes cannot ‘pass through’ enemies unless they have the Stealth ability (). With Stealth ability you can reveal and move into an enemy encounter room without being damaged by the enemy, and your movement does not end.

Also, if an Enemy enters the Room during your turn, for example by moving there or appearing due to an action

Enemy Entering your Room: An Enemy might enter your Room during your turn, for example due to a Torch Mat Action. This does not end your movement and you can continue moving normally.

Being in the Room with Enemies: You cannot perform Search or Disarm, unless there is another Conscious Hero present to distract the enemies. For distracting the Enemies one additional Hero is enough, no matter how many Enemies there are in the Room.

Leaving a Room with Enemies: If you started you turn in the same Room with an Enemy or Enemies, you are allowed to move away, and continue your movement normally.