End of Game



The game ends after the turn where a player places their 4th glory token on Basecamp. Each player then takes one final turn (i.e., the last turn of the game is taken by the player who first placed their 4th glory).

Each player scores the following:

COINS: The total value of all coins you gained during the game.

GLORY TOKENS PLACED ON GLORY CATEGORIES: Each glory token scores based on the quantity of quests you solved: $5/$6/$8/$10 for 0/1/2/3+ solved quests (e.g., if you solved 2 quests, each of your placed glory tokens are worth $8).

UPGRADED ITEMS: Each upgraded item scores the coin amount printed on the item’s bottom right corner.

CORRUPTION: Each corruption token scores $2; this includes the 20-value corruption. During end-game scoring, ignore the printed values on corruption tokens.

For scoring, we recommend that each player gathers coins in hand as they score each category. If you run out of coins at any time, use a suitable replacement—there is no coin limit.

The wealthiest player wins! If players tie for first place, the tied player with the greater sum total of all glory categories wins (i.e., each player adds up their quantity of solved quests, melded meteorites, upgraded items, and so on across all categories, including those where they do not have glory). If still tied, they share the victory.

EXAMPLE: At the end of the game, Jakub has glory for melded meteorites, corruption, and cards. He solved 3 quests and has $11 in coins, $6 worth of upgraded items, and 10 corruption tokens. Therefore, he scores $30 for glory categories ($10 for each of 3 categories), $11 for coins, $6 for upgraded items, and $20 for corruption ($2 for each of 10 corruption). Jakub’s final score is $67. If Jakub hadn’t solved any quests, he would have scored $15 for glory instead of $30.