When using a Vanquish ability, pay the cost shown on the topmost corruption at your mech’s location (power for orange or guile for turquoise), then gain that corruption, placing it on your mech mat.

You may repeat this process to gain more than one corruption during the same Vanquish ability.

When you remove the final corruption from a location, a new benefit (Upgrade, Meld, or Boast) is revealed and can be gained with Gather abilities.

• The values and colors on corruption, and the benefits underneath, are public information.

• If corruption is destroyed from a location via an ability that does not result in a player gaining it, return it to the bag.

• Corruption is a glory category. Additionally, each corruption token is worth $2 at end of game.

• Location 20 has a single corruption on it valued at 20 (the sum of 10 power and 10 guile). It is the only corruption that may be Vanquished using a mix of power and guile. It is worth $2 at end of game (the same as other corruption tokens), but it has its own glory category.

EXAMPLE: You have 10 power and 6 guile, and you activate a Vanquish ability. The location has 3 corruption on it. (A) The topmost corruption is orange and has a value of 3; you pay 3 power to gain it. (B) The next corruption is turquoise and has a value of 3; you pay 3 guile to gain that as well. (C) The last corruption is also turquoise and has a value of 4 ; you can’t afford this, so the Vanquish ability ends.