Setup for a 2-player game as normal, but skip “Player Components” setup for Automa. When you’re done do this:

1. Place 1 mech on the westernmost North location as Automa’s North mech. We suggest using the blue base snap to correspond to the color on the decision cards.

2. Place 1 mech on the easternmost Central location as Automa’s Central mech. We suggest using the black base snap.

3. Choose a difficulty level by placing its corresponding progress card on the table. We suggest “Level 2” for your first play.

4. Place an unused action token on the start space of the progress track on the progress card. This will be referred to as the progress token.

5. Shuffle the decision cards, set 2 off to the side without looking at them, and place the rest face down as the decision deck.

6. Place the glory card next to the decision deck and place 4 glory tokens of 1 color and 4 of another on spaces 1-8. Note that Automa gets 8 glory tokens, not 4, as you do.

Determine the first player randomly.