Automa Mech Movement



The North mech moves through the North locations always going eastwards, and then wrapping around from the easternmost location to the westernmost.

Similarly, the Central mech moves through the Central locations but always westward instead of eastward.

In addition to wrapping around there are important movement exceptions that apply:

• Automa mechs can travel through or end on face-down locations.

• Automa mechs only flip locations during the action (see Mech Actions).

• When moving, Automa mechs skip the location your mech is on and ignore it for all purposes. Automa doesn’t gain the benefits printed on a location.

• Automa only gains map and corruption tokens when the mech action indicates this (see Mech Actions).

You can move past face-down locations that have an Automa mech on them (it still counts towards your movement range). For location 19, this can lead to a situation where you can’t gain any benefit from a Gather action.