When using a Solve ability, your mech must be on a location tile matching a quest card you control (e.g., if the quest card says location 11— which is in the Central region, as noted by the “C” —your mech must be on location 11). Pay the Solve cost (noted on the right side of the quest card; e.g., the cost shown here is 2 guile), then you may gain the benefit below the cost. Tuck the quest card above your mech mat—or above previously solved quests—so the top of the card remains visible.

• Character cards and some other cards have abilities that allow you to Solve quests

• You may not Solve if you already have 4 solved quests.

• If a worker was on the solved quest, return it to your mech mat as an available worker.

• You may use a quest’s Solve ability whether or not its location has corruption.

• If you gain a map token as a Solve benefit, gain it from the general supply. If you gain a corruption as a Solve benefit, gain it from the bag.

• Solving quests is a glory category. Additionally, solving quests improves the end-of-game scoring of each glory category.