Action: Vanquish



To resolve a action, Automa gains corruption tokens from the location top to bottom until she has either gotten as many tokens as indicated in the multiplier (x1, x2, or x3) or there are no tokens left.

Remember that this action ignores the token.

EXAMPLE: The glory card and decision card look like this:

The glory card shows that Automa has placed 3 glory tokens, which meets the requirement in the target line. Therefore, Automa will attempt to carry out the action. It’s a action, so you must look for locations within a distance of 0-3 that have at least 1 corruption token.

Automa has the blue North mech and you have the red:

The location with your mech (red) is ignored, so it doesn’t matter that there’s a corruption token on it and it doesn’t count towards the range of 0-3 locations.

The location with the map token is not a candidate. Although it will get corruption tokens when it’s revealed, Automa won’t reveal it during this turn.

Therefore, the 2 locations with green borders are the candidates. The location with the checkmark is the first of the 2 and therefore it’s chosen. Automa moves her mech there.

Since there’s a “x2” after the icon in the target line Automa gains the topmost 2 corruption tokens, "4" and "3" , from the location

Below are illustrations of alternate scenarios for this example where the corruption tokens on the locations are different, but everything else is the same: