Icons and Keywords








gain 1 benefit from an adjacent location

play 1 card from your hand (gain its core value; you may place a worker)

refresh your cards & workers

activate an adjacent face-up card’s ability (don’t place a worker)

rescue 1 active card (and the worker on it, if any) to your hand

any card you control

upgraded item card

any face-up card

a face-up card adjacent to your location

top card of deck

draw 2 from deck, keep 1 (place the other in the sweep pile)

face-up quest card

face-up item card

face-up meteorite card

sweep any number of face-up cards to the sweep pile

Place newly gained cards in your active row. Whenever a face-up card is gained, immediately replace it with the top card of the deck.

Move: Move your mech to another unoccupied location within range (1-3 locations).

Gather: Gain the the exposed benefits at your mech’s location.

Play: Play 1 card from your hand to your active row, gaining its core value and optionally placing a worker on it to activate its ability.

Refresh: Return all active cards to your hand and return all placed workers to your mech mat.

SOLVE(): On a location matching a quest you control, pay the cost on the quest and gain the benefit. Tuck the quest above your mech mat; the quantity of your solved quests improves end-game scoring.

UPGRADE(): Tuck an item you control to the right of your mech mat, covering the ability’s worker icon.

MELD(): Tuck a meteorite you control under your mech mat to gain the benefit on all melded meteorites (including the meteorite you just melded).

BOAST (): Place 1 glory token on a Basecamp glory category that you’ve completed. This adds to end-game scoring and improves your character/companion.

VANQUISH: Pay the cost of the top corruption on your location to gain that token. You may do this for multiple tokens in order via the same Vanquish action.