Setup: Shared Components



BASECAMP BOARD: Place the Basecamp board on the table, then place each player’s mech next to it.

LOCATION TILES: Separate the location tiles into three groups by their region (South, Central, and North). Shuffle the 6 South location tiles. Referring to the layout diagram at the top right of the Basecamp board, place the South locations face up in their marked spots. Repeat this process for the 7 Central and then the 7 North locations, but place them all face down instead.

MAP TOKENS: Place 1 map token on each of the face-down locations (Central and North only).

CARDS: Shuffle the meteorite, item, and quest cards into a single deck. Place a card face up in each of the 5 spots marked on the Basecamp’s layout diagram and place the deck face down to the side.

WORKERS, COINS, AND EXTRA MAP TOKENS: Place these within reach in a general supply.

CORRUPTION BAG: Fill the bag with all corruption tokens except the 20-value corruption (when location 20 is revealed during the game, the 20-value corruption will be placed on it).

FIRST PLAYER: Randomly determine the first player.

Red workers represent soldiers, blue are engineers, green are explorers, yellow are merchants, and purple are possessed.